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For leaders who care about their brand and their results

Master Inclusive Leadership Now and begin reaping the Advantages as you elevate your leadership brand

In this book I share the transformational tips and insights that will help you master key leadership skills and inclusive best practices required for leading diverse teams. This book will ensure your leadership brand and performance is revered.

  • Learn how to build and lead diverse teams

  • Learn what is required to be an impactful leader

  • Learn the power of Inclusive Leadership

  • Improve your leadership skills and become an Inclusive Leader

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About the Author

Zoe Mitchell is an award winning Inclusive Leader with over 20 years of corporate experience building, leading, and maintaining successful high-performing diverse teams. As a former finance senior leader, she is experienced at driving business deliverables and performance metrics while building an inclusive work culture. 

Zoe’s passion for inclusion started early in her career when she began experiencing microaggressions, blatant racism, sexism, and other biased behaviours from her managers that intentionally excluded her. As a result of her personal struggles and working with apathetic managers, she committed that she would never expose any of her employees to be subjected to the painful experiences she had endured. 

In her finance roles, she was able to see the direct detrimental impact that exclusion and disengaged employees have to the financial results in an organization. So drawing from her personal commitment to inclusion and knowledge of the negative impact disengaged employees make, she successfully built many inclusive team cultures that produced high-performing award winning diverse teams, which were able to exceed expectations and drive profitable growth.

Now, as a global leadership consultant, Zoe brings a business perspective and process driven strategies, to work with C-suite leaders and their teams to increase employee engagement and effectiveness and drive inclusive leadership.

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